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Nature Play Australia’s mission is to help get more kids playing outside more often, but we know that isn’t easy in the modern technology-infused world.  The Nature Passport app is designed as a tool to help families and schools replace kids’ sedentary screen-time with playing, exploring and learning outdoors.  The app is part of a broader strategy to help families find a healthy mix of screen-time and nature play. 


Nature Play Australia recommends a three-pronged approach to healthy technology use:

  • Reduce: reducing the time your kids spend on technology, even a little bit, makes a difference

  • Replace: use active technologies (like Nature Passport) to replace sedentary technologies wherever possible

  • Balance: balance the time kids spend on sedentary technology with an equal, or greater, amount of time in active play outdoors.


Nature Passport is a free resource that supports parents, caregivers, and teachers in getting kids excited about outdoor play and learning.

Download the FREE Nature Passport App, or access from your web browser:


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